How does your net worth compare?

By | February 21, 2017

I’ve put together a quick visual in which net worth is plotted against age for 208 survey participants. (The size of each circle represents the current income for that individual.) How is the net worth calculated? I take into account the opening balances on 401k, 403b, IRA (Traditional and Roth), HSA, other investments, home equity, as well as any outstanding loans. A best fit line is then plotted against the data.

Although individuals with higher incomes (larger circles) tend to sit above the trend line, that is not always the case. We still have a number of participants with smaller incomes that have amassed sizable wealth. Good money habits will go a long way.

3 thoughts on “How does your net worth compare?

    1. lytics Post author

      Annual salary is represented by the size of each circle. The bigger the circle, the larger the salary. You can hover over each point to see the actual value.

  1. Adam

    The more I have looked at this graph the more I believe that we have super savers on the Pocketchangr site. I believe that if you are anywhere close to this trend line you’re doing a fantastic job and well ahead of the curve. We’ll continue to update this graph as more data comes in to the site, but well done to those of you who are tracking along these lines!

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