US automakers through the years

By | February 25, 2017

I was recently browsing the D3 charting library and saw a great example of a graph that made data come to life (source: Asif Rahman). And so I’ve decided to pull together a simple dataset of US automakers (from Wiki) and see what comes out of it. First up, we have the total number of vehicle models offered since 1980 from each major US manufacturer. I’ve included all of the big US companies as well as those which are now defunct. (You are able to scroll over the name to view the number of models across each year.)

Edit (2/26): Standardized the display such that all circles are now proportional (we are able to compare groups to each other).

Vehicle Models by Automaker

It's interesting to see the various patterns by company. Saturn, as an example, was offering more and more models leading all the way up to its inevitable closure. But next up, I've sliced the data a little differently. We now have the total number of models offered across the major vehicle segments. I've tried to closely follow the Wikis structure for placing the vehicles in each segment. Unfortunately, the highly modular nature of today's vehicle platforms makes this exercise particularly difficult. A Mustang is offered as a sports car, as a muscle car, and as a convertible. I've taken the easy route and selected the most stereotypical category for vehicles having this problem (Mustang ended up in the muscle car category).

Vehicle Models by Segment

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