Median net worth (1989-2013) – Part 2

By | March 7, 2017

This is remake of an earlier post using a cumulative line chart to display the change in families’ net worth from 1989 to 2013.

For those curious about the impact that the financial crisis of ’07/’08 had on families’ net worth, here’s a quick chart showing the median net worth from 1989 to 2013 across several age groups (all figures are in 2013 dollars). The data comes from the Survey of Consumer Finances which is available to all at the official Fed website.


What is interesting here? Probably the fact that we are still in a recovery mode following the financial crisis and its accompanying toll on families’ saving and investment accounts. What’s more, only those over the age of 65 have amassed greater wealth today than in 1989 when adjusted for inflation. Every other age group has yet to surpass those prosperous times that were the late 80’s (or so it would seem).

Cumulative change in net worth from 1989 to 2013

One thought on “Median net worth (1989-2013) – Part 2

  1. Richard

    Thanks for rearranging, this is a cool way of looking at it! At least things seem to be rebounding for the working aged folks (And those over 65 seem to be pretty well off). This reminds me more of the cyclical nature of stocks and index funds. Perhaps we simply need to change our thinking a bit to allow for the fluctuation (albeit 2008 was a large one) in returns/net worth.

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